FEST PRO interview: Zoran Bihać, director of music and advertising videos

German director of music and advertising videos of Serbian origin, Zoran Bihać, known to the public for his long-term cooperation with the rock band Rammstein and its singer Till Lindemann, but also with other musicians such as The Fantastic Four and Tokio Hotel. He worked on the campaign for the mega-popular video game ‘World of Tanks’, as well as numerous commercials for the world's most famous companies.

At this year's FEST Pro, the well-known music video director spoke on the panel about the art and skill of shooting a music video. What sets Bihać apart from other people who deal with this commercial form today is his collaboration with the famous group Rammstein.

‘A year and a half ago, Rammstein asked me if I wanted to do a video with them. I had a completely different approach to finding an idea for a video, and while others were preparing a classic pitch, I had an idea with ants. It was different enough to establish collaboration. After that, I did a few more things with them, and later I also collaborated with Till Lindemann for a while during his solo career. We are taking a break now"; said Bihać.

Has the approach to the music video changed due to audience taste or lack of creativity?

Nowadays, there is no unified platform where a comprehensive offer of music videos and commercials can be found. We used to have MTV and all those music channels; however, today everyone is looking for their own genre, finding what they want on the Internet. Creativity exists only scattered across many channels.

There is, therefore, no lack of ideas?

There have always been new ideas for music videos, only the place where the audience consumes them has changed. With the change in the way and place of consumption, the style of music videos has also changed. It is the form that changes. Unlike the before mentioned Rammstein, which survives thanks to a large fan base, someone starting today would have to think differently. Who has time for a five-minute video these days? The one who is starting now has to look at things from a different angle and ask themselves to whom they want to show what they are doing. Today, the biggest market is that of rap and hip hop music. They have already changed the understanding of the music and video, reduced the song to a maximum of two to three minutes, but that is why they release two or three at a time, and easily adapted it to Tik Tok.
However, the reception of young people today is not longer either. No one can bear to watch something they are not familiar with, no one invests their time just like that.

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