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The film by Macedonian director Milčo Mančevski, ‘Kaymak’ (Kajmak) at the 51st FEST is part of the Main Competition Programme. The film was presented at the FEST press conference by actresses Sara Klimoska and Ana Stojanovska and actors Aleksandar Mikić and Filip Trajković.
According to Aleksandar Mikić, ‘Kaymak’ is a story about love and the search for personal freedom. He said that he had liked the script because it had been very precise and that the
collaboration with Mančevski had been excellent. He added that he had already worked with Mančevski in the film ‘Before the Rain’ (Pred dozhdot), but that then it had been very different.
Then I had a smaller role, and I did not have enough time to get to know Mančevski's way of working. Now the situation is different, the role is bigger, and I like that the characters in;"Kaymak" are juicy. The script is very precise, and everything that we, as actors, proposed to Mančevski, he accepted and put into the film’, he said.
Actor Filip Trajković stated that ‘Kaymak’ was his first collaboration with director Mančevski, which he would be happy to repeat because the film told the story of what people were ready to do for love.
According to the actors, ‘Kaymak’ had a notable showing at the international festival in Tokyo, where the Japanese audience, which prefers the horror genre the most, had a great interest in the Macedonian film.
‘Kaymak’ is shown as part of the FEST programme on 4 March (10.15 p.m.) in the Belgrade Youth Centre and on 5 March (5 p.m.) in the Belgrade Cultural Centre.

Croatian director and actress Nina Violić presented to the media representatives the film ‘Kick and Scream’, which the audience can see as part of the Fest Special programme.
She stated that she was happy that the film was shown at a festival such as FEST. She said that she had started writing the script for the film 10 years before, but that due to problems with getting money from the funds, she had not filmed the divorce story earlier. According to her, the story of the divorce is told through three characters, father, mother and
child, whom, she stressed, she had not wanted to treat as the victim. She says that she gave the child the most rational position in the film. In addition to her, Goran Bogdan and Bruno Frketić Bajić star in her directorial debut.
‘I had the need to make a film about how we are never able to experience something objectively, not even the most difficult situation in life’, the director stated, noting that she herself had gone through a divorce.

The film already had a cinema distribution in Croatia, and she traveled with the film. The audience's reactions were interesting to her, who had different impressions. To some people, the victim was a husband, to others a wife, and to some people a child. She says that the father comes from a patriarchal world and that he would like to have more understanding for his wife, but he is not able to.
‘He loses all direction. He desperately wants to save his family, but in a completely wrong way. Everything he does irritates that woman and he keeps telling her that he does not understand her and that he will never understand her’, Violić pointed out. The film ‘Kick and Scream’ follows a period of half an hour before the parting of a three- member family. While the parents deal with shifting the blame, their six-year-old builds his world through play.
The screenings at FEST are the only opportunity to see the film ‘Kick and Scream’ in Serbia: on 4 March (10 p.m.) at Cineplexx Galerija and on 5 March 5 (10.15 p.m.) at the Belgrade Youth Centre.


Knjaz Miloš